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How To Choose An Agent

Posted by David Buckley on 10/07/2018

How do I choose an agent?

Like any industry there are good and bad, so choose wisely!

Helpful tips:


  • interview agents that you either met at an open home and who left a good first impressionand then followed up after the open home, have heard good things about or are selling a lot of properties.
  • interview as many agents as it takes until you find one that stands out as the best
  • look at the agents past client testimonials, personal website, work Facebook account, marketing campaigns, videos etc (if they have them)
  • look at the size and reputation of the company they represent.
  • look at what digital and social media platforms, if any, that they are using to market properties
  • look at their proposed marketing strategy and budget
  • look at any other technology they employ to measure their marketing campaigns – simply putting an advert in the local newspaper and waiting to see if anyone shows up for the open home is archaic!
  • understand the level and regularity of communication you can expect from the agent whilst your property is listed with them
  • understand the different methods of marketing your property i.e. deadline sale, tender, action etc. For more information see my blog post Understanding The Different Methods Of Sale
For more information on what I offer utilising my unique approach please visit my blog post Why Should You Hire Me?

  • don’t choose an agent purely based on the fact that they have been around for a long time. The industry is changing very fast with the advancements of technology, digital and social media. You need to ensure that your agent of choice is using all of these platforms to market your property to get maximum exposure. 
  • don’t base your decision on the lowest commission rate
  • don’t be pressured by a pushy salesperson into listing your property with them

At the end of the day you still need to listen to your gut. You need to feel comfortable and confident with the person you choose.

Should I Choose an agent with the lowest commission?

The answer is absolutely not! 

If the only selling point that anybody in any industry has is price, what is the end result going to look like.
You get what you pay for and when you are dealing with such a large amount of money why leave anything to chance by the false economy of saving a few thousand on commission.

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