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Should I Sell My Property Myself?

Posted by David Buckley on 10/07/2018

Should I market and sell my property myself?

This is a common question I get asked especially now that websites such as Trademe Properties are available.

Virtually anybody can sell property but the risk is at what price. I would ask myself – do I have the skills? Am I prepared to take the gamble with my biggest asset?

To be skilled in selling property you need to have an intermit knowledge of the property market, be skilled at marketing, pricing, strategy and negotiation.

Even if you possess the above skills, many buyers are not comfortable looking through a property when the vendor is present. The other issue is that as a vendor it is very hard to negotiate when you are emotionally invested.

Many agents give their own homes to a colleague to market and sell because of the emotional factor.

All this aside the only guaranteed way of getting top dollar for your property is to expose it to as many people as possible and generate multiple interest – marketing.

What can a talented agent offer a home owner in the way of marketing?

  • showcase their property on the most viewed property website – 
  • get unrivalled reach and results through a targeted digital marketing campaign
  • provide buyers with instantly downloadable property information
  • showcase property on their personal website
  • access to a large database of buyers
  • reduced advertising costs
  • advertise to buyers following them on Facebook
  • ability to advertise to targeted audiences through social media
  • ability to measure and split test their marketing campaigns
  • instantly advertise to 100% of buyers following them on Facebook via video livestream
  • showcase their property via video – studies show that real estate marketing which includes a video, receive over 400% more views than listings without!
  • offer a Money Back Guarantee

For more information on my unique approach to marketing your property see my blog post Why Should You Hire Me? 


If you get it wrong, you can loose a lot more than you are saving in commission!!

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