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Why Should You Hire Me?

Posted by David Buckley on 02/08/2018

You would be forgiven for wondering what does an agent do that I can’t do myself?

The traditional method of selling property is one whereby the agent held the key to getting your property in front of the buyers, through the agency website, office window advertising, email newsletter or magazine (if they were really progressive), and the weekly property papers. Some of them were even giving that Trade Me website a go.

Fast forward to now and those avenues are still the same ones used by most agents, however, serious buyers don’t look in the property papers anymore.Why would they when the properties would have been available online at Trade Me Property or for potentially the best part of a week by the time the paper is printed and ready for collection or delivery, if you still get one.

The real estate landscape is evolving very quickly and the way real estate has been sold in the past, will become a thing of the past. This is evident in many parts of the world and like Kodak and the video shops, many agencies who are not embracing technology, will eventually become extinct.

The value the agent used to bring, is all but gone!

Most of the advertising avenues that are available to the agent who uses traditional methods are also accessible to the private individual.

However buyers like all of us in todays fast passed world, are time poor and may overlook your property whilst trolling through the thousands of other competing properties. Today’s buyer no longer wants to wait to get information.  They will avoid calling the agent and search for the information themselves or worse, move on to another property.

So why should you hire me

I have developed a unique system which is totally focused on how I can add value to both the seller and the buyer.

I have monitored and analysed marketing results, measured return on investment, surveyed buyer behaviour, generated statistics and invested heavily in developing new skills, systems and effective marketing strategies.

With my unique approach I have the ability to contact buyers (who haven’t contacted me), that have shown an interest in your properties digital marketing. I can also re-market your property to those buyers via social media and to other buyers who have shown an interest in similar properties.

So what do I do differently?

1: I give you the option of No Open homes!

If a buyer is ready to buy they will monitor Trade Me Property, and social media. Facebook in particular has proven immensely successful and cost effective.

Most serious buyers don’t go to open homes – it’s a brave statement some might say, however, I actually have the numbers to back it up.

Serious buyers want to look through the property as soon as it hits the market and don’t want to wait until the weekend for the open home. They prefer being able to view at a time that suites them and because I am then able to spend one on one time with them I can answer any questions and alleviate any concerns that they may have.

With my unique process I only bring pre-qualified buyers to your property.

2: I use targeted digital and social media marketing campaigns!

Nothing rivals the reach and results of an effective digital media campaign and that’s what I specialise in!

Without a shadow of a doubt, social media is taking over our attention (if not our lives) on a daily basis more than 2 million Kiwi’s access Facebook and more than half who discover a new product or brand that interest them, will investigate further. As we can all testify to, the mobile phone has become the way most of us consume our information.

Fun fact, more than half of all Kiwi’s will be on their mobile device while watching TV.

The holy grail of marketing is getting maximum exposure and in todays world everyones attention is in the digital space. Digital marketing not only generates more exposure for your property but it is also more cost effective than print media.

I am constantly asking people where they have found the property they enquired about and a staggering 95% now say that they found it online (Facebook, email,, Trade Me Property, Google etc.). That leaves 5% who saw it in the window of the office, saw the for sale sign or saw it in the paper.

The beautiful thing about digital marketing is that you can measure and analyse every part of a campaign, you can split test your ads to see which one is performing better, and you can alter the campaign part way through. You can target the campaign down to very minute details so you are not wasting money showing your advert to people who are not interested.

3: I don’t withhold information!

People are so used to being able to just get whatever information they need at the click of a button.

No one wants to wait for the agent to get back to them with a two-page flyer in a day or two.

That’s why I direct people to my website where they can access the information immediately and without interruption.

This gives them an opportunity to start their due diligence process and in turn, ensure the property is a good fit for them before arranging a viewing.

4: No frills, no gimmicks. I am an amazing negotiator, and I get results!

My ability to negotiate deals in all price brackets, across all industries that I have worked, is well documented

Every interaction the buyer has with your property online or through me plays a vital part in the outcome of your sale and allows me to format a better understanding of the buyer come negotiation time.The method of sale chosen and the presentation of the property are all vital components in the process. To find out more on the different methods of sale please view my blog Understanding The Different Methods Of Sale and to find out more on preparing your property for sale please view my blog Presentation = More Money!

This approach has seen me exceed my client’s expectations time and time again.

A huge part of my negotiation strategy is to generate buyer competition, this again ties back to how you approach not only the marketing but the entire sales process.

Generating competition is one area where there is no substitute for experience, and it is, without doubt, one of the key areas where private sellers lose out. Generating multiple offers is an art form and a skill that you have to learn.

5: I have invested thousands of dollars developing a system that works!

My unique system delivers fantastic results and ensures your property stands out from the thousands of other properties that are in competition.

I am so confident in my unique approach that I even offer a Money Back Guarantee!

I make every effort to market for the year we are in to ensure that my clients are receiving the latest cutting edge service and not just get stuck in the same old rut.

I will continue to develop, test, learn and analyse new and innovative ways of adding true value to my customers and I would love you to join me on this amazing journey.


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